Top 3 books I read this year

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We all know that reading is good for you, but what should you read? I’ll tell you my favorite books that I read this year.

This wont be a list of technical books, but rather of books I find interesting.

Thinking, fast and slow

Bildergebnis für thinking fast and slow

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An interesting book about the human mind and how we take decisions. It explains in a understandable way, why we’re not as free as we think, but rather influenced by everything around and in us.

It talks about it in an easy way. First he splits up the brain in two systems: System 1 and System 2.

One is the intuitive system, while the other is the thoughtful one. The author also talks about willpower as a resource, which I found most fascinating.

Brave new world

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Brave new world is a fictional story about a future where humans are no longer born, they’re grown in labs.

They’re brainwashed and raised into a class system and given drugs to pass the time. Sex, drugs and brainwashing.

It’s an interesting concept, especially when one of the character meets a person who lives in a reservoir (where they hold the “classic humans”).

The soul of a new machine,204,203,200_.jpg?w=950&ssl=1

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The soul of a new machine tells the story of how a company brought a 32 Bit machine to the market.

It’s an exciting story about engineering, passion and touches on some corporate politics.

It’s a real story told by tracy kidder, but it reads itself like a fictional story. It’s very suspenseful, exciting and interesting.

I haven’t found any boring part.

Thanks very much to jessfraz for recommending this book in her blog post.

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