Dependency Injection in C#/ASP.NET Core explained

Dependency Injection is a method to implement IoC (Inversion of Control). It helps to make classes completely loose coupled by moving the creation of the needed dependencies outside of the object that is using them. Usually you will have a Client, a Service and an Injector. The Client uses a Service which the Injector will … Read more

Applying UML and Patterns Review

Applying UML and Patterns is a great introduction to object oriented software design and architecture. It covers a broad amount of topics in-depth by using a practical example. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to create and design complex systems in a robust and maintanable way. It is ideal for CS students, … Read more


Top 5 Laptops For Software Engineering

The digital era demands proficiency with devices meaning demand for software developers is on the rise. Every business is embracing e-commerce and using it as a marketing tool. Websites and digital advertising has significant effect on revenues of a company. In fact, it can be the distinguishing factor between competing companies. The rapid advancement in … Read more