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Security As A Passion

Protect Your Business

Protecting your valuable assets and information is an important obligation when working with information systems and providing online or digital services.

I can help you identify security risks in your companies digital landscape, educate your staff about security risks and simulate attacks to test your response team.

By using the same techniques and tools as the hackers the tests I perform come as close to a real attack as possible. My long years of experience in building software and infrastructure for clients gives me the advantage of understanding how systems are created and how they can break.

I can help you find your vulnerabilities and consult you on how to best mitigate them.

Security Is a Process

How Does This Work

After the initial contact, we will discuss the scope and timeframe of the project and then proceed to test your environment and educate your employees.

The first step is to make sure your employees have an awareness for security risks and that your software and services are secure.

I can offer you the following services to make sure your company data is safe.

Penetration Test

A Penetration Test is an activity which uses tools and techniques of a hacker to test the security of a system, app or website and identifies (potential) security risks.

During 3-5 days I will simulate an attack and find vulnerabilities.

At the end of the engagement, you will receive documentation containing all the found vulnerabilities rated by their severity with:

  • A traceable explanation of how the vulnerabilities were found
  • What the dangers of the vulnerabilities are and how they can be exploited
  • Mitigations and Remedies for the vulnerabilities
  • Suggestions on what vulnerabilities to fix first

Security Training

In my security training, I will make your employees aware of security risks and how to avoid them.

At the moment I offer the following trainings:

  • Security Awareness for Employees
  • Security Crash Course for Software Engineers

Simulated Attack

In a Simulated Attack, I’ll try to break into your system by applying the same tools and techniques as a real attacker.

While a Penetration Test is loud and short, a simulated attack is long and silent. Engagements are usually 10-15 days.

This service is best for testing your Security Response and SecOps teams.

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