hack google

Google CTF – Beginners Quest

This year, google held a CTF competition. The qualifying for the CTF was called “beginners quest” and features miscelaneous challenges. It even has a story line. The story is about getting a cake (that is hopefully not a lie) from a smart fridge. And in your quest to delicious glory you have to solve multiple challenges, including but not limited to: crypto (easy crypto) reverse engineering and binary exploitation crack password protected zips privilege escalation/ Read more…

necromancer vulnhub

The Necromancer | Vulnhub Machine

The Necromancer Challenge is an interesting vulnhub box with 11 flags in various disciplines. It starts of with network monitoring via wireshark and continues with simple bas64 decoding and some hash/ password cracking. The challenge offers a lot to play around including steganography, cracking, binary exploitation and reversing. There’s even a little web hacking involved, so there’s something for everyone. Enjoy the full challenge in the playlist posted above.