Git guide for beginners (+ GitHub and GitLab)

This git guide for beginners teaches how to get started with git as a complete beginner. You will learn how to create git repositories on your local machine and also on remote servers and platforms like GitLab and GitHub. It even features exercises along the way to get more hands-on and a bigger one at … Read more

Applying UML and Patterns Review

Applying UML and Patterns is a great introduction to object oriented software design and architecture. It covers a broad amount of topics in-depth by using a practical example. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to create and design complex systems in a robust and maintanable way. It is ideal for CS students, … Read more

Welcome Back QnA – I answer your questions!

I’m back with new software engineering, it security and computer science content after a long break. In this video I answer to some of your questions and give some insights on the future of the channel. Books mentioned in the video: Applying UML and Patterns: The Soul of a New machine review: Where … Read more