unary vs binary | is n++ faster than n = n + 1

As a programmer you’ve certainly touched on the topic of unary and binary operations (except if you’re coding in python). But which one is faster? Let’s take a look. Typing Speed This section might not be important for performance, but for speed of coding. Typing n++ is a little faster than typing n = n … Read more

docker commands to make you more productive

Docker has quickly become a popular tool for developers and devops to develop, deploy and scale applications. In this post I want to show some docker commands that can help you increase your productivity with docker. structure and more commands This article structures the commands in multiple subsections. The first one is about managing images … Read more

How to use modifiers effectively | private, public and more

In most object-oriented programming languages you’ll encounter the keywords like, public,private, protected or other. These so-called access level modifiers, or just modifiers for short, allow programmers to determine which other classes can access an attribute or method. Why use Modifiers Modifiers allow you to structure the code more properly by using some of OOP’s pillars, which … Read more