Applying UML and Patterns Review

Applying UML and Patterns is a great introduction to object oriented software design and architecture. It covers a broad amount of topics in-depth by using a practical example. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to create and design complex systems in a robust and maintanable way. It is ideal for CS students, … Read more

The Soul of A New Machine Review (As a Software Engineer)

The soul of a new machine tells the story of a computer manufacturer in the ’80s trying to get a 32 Bit mini-computer to the market. It’s a documentary about engineering, management and politics surrounding the efforts to create the “Eagle” machine at Data General. It is available in different formats on Amazon. Writing Style … Read more

Top 3 books I read this year

We all know that reading is good for you, but what should you read? I’ll tell you my favorite books that I read this year. This wont be a list of technical books, but rather of books I find interesting. Thinking, fast and slow Buy here. An interesting book about the human mind and how … Read more

Top 5 Laptops For Software Engineering

The digital era demands proficiency with devices meaning demand for software developers is on the rise. Every business is embracing e-commerce and using it as a marketing tool. Websites and digital advertising has significant effect on revenues of a company. In fact, it can be the distinguishing factor between competing companies. The rapid advancement in … Read more