404 Podcast Not Found #4 /w PwnFunction

21, working as a security consultant, PwnFunction likes everything and anything computer related. He claims he is a wanna be vulnerability researcher. What do you think?
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404 Podcast Not Found #3 /w Gynvael

Programmer enthusiast with a passion for computer security and low-level aspects of computer science. Coldwind authored the “Zrozumieńá Programowanie” (“To Understand Programming”) book, as well as numerous articles, publications, podcasts and lectures devoted to mentioned topics. In 2013, he was awarded a Pwnie Award (together with Mateusz Jurczyk) in the “Most Innovative Research” category in the field of computer security. Coldwind is the co-founder and former captain of the Dragon Sector team – one of the best CTF teams in the world. Since 2010, he lives in Zurich and works for Google as a Senior Software Engineer / Information Security Engineer.


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