Author: Zanidd

I build and hack stuff.

Hack WiFi Password (How To)

WiFi can be an entry point for attackers into a companies network. Learn how to hack wifi password using your...


Sensitive Data Exposure – Explained

Sensitive Data Exposure or Information Disclosure is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to gather internal information such as software...


SQL Injection – Explained

The number 1 threat according to the owasp top 10 list are injections. Among them is the SQL Injection. An...


Integer Overflow – Explained

An Integer Overflow is an attack used by hackers and security specialists that abuse the properties of signed and unsigned...

hack google

Google CTF – Beginners Quest

This year, google held a CTF competition. The qualifying for the CTF was called “beginners quest” and features miscelaneous challenges....

necromancer vulnhub

The Necromancer | Vulnhub Machine

The Necromancer Challenge is an interesting vulnhub box with 11 flags in various disciplines. It starts of with network monitoring...